For more than 30 years I have been dedicated to glass in different aspects that you can find on our website.
After all that time of office in which my closest environment has helped me to grow, now a new generation appears in my family
that brings the freshness necessary to face new challenges that we hope to share with you.

Polo Enríquez


Light and dark, we have them of a lot of colors and they are all made with much affection, small but unique pieces, made with glass of old windows
that now can live a second life fused forever with Murano glass.
You will find them in our bracelets, in the hairbands ... but if you get tired of using them this way, they can have many other uses, they can be mounted on the shoelaces to personalize them, in loops and hair ornaments, pins ...


We make them for you by mounting our beads on ribbons, resulting in combinations difficult to repeat because each piece of your bracelet is different from the others.
You can wash them with cold water and neutral soap, although it is not advisable to wet them every day because the ribbon will lose color and texture. The beads, on the other hand, do not suffer any wear and tear on the washes and can have other uses if the ribbons are damaged or get tired of them.

Stories through a glass, stories that we add to ours. Handicraft of Galicia.

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